What is this site?

StereoStance was created by two brothers in a quest to bring to you the freshest hand-picked music and coolest modified cars. The site is updated regularly with content on both topics.

What originally started out as a fun project to learn about web coding has turned into a full blog with quality posts. Nevertheless, we still strive to make your viewing and listening experience better; we are constantly updating StereoStance so please forgive us if something doesn't work perfectly!


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Music posts are dedicated to only the best in EDM (Electronic Dance Music) or other select genres and include a short description as to what makes each track so good. We hope you give these songs a listen, they are well worth it!

Car posts focus on a selection of great cars that deserve showcasing. These include supercars, tuned time-attack beasts, showcars and daily drivers. They are brought to you in the form of videos, quick visual introductions, but also in beautifully detailed in-depth reviews. We try to make the reading experience and visuals as close to the ones offered by your favorite automotive magazines as possible!


We hope that this site will make you relive memories of listening to great tracks while on a night drive with friends!

Feel Free to contact us at stereostance@gmail.com


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