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Music For Listening Vol. 11 - Trailer

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Hello everyone, 
Today I want to spotlight an amazing set of mixtapes. Produced by HNNY, in order to promote "HNNY's Honey Pot" in Stolkholm, these mixes are about as relaxed as you can get. I stumbled onto these on a tough day, and like a warm bath with the rain outside, they soothed my mood.

Though I am pretty sure these mixes will not appeal to everyone (espcially those who follow this site for the dance tracks), I have found them to hold the perfect balance of engagment whilst not calling too much attention form the ears. Perfect for studying, or for listening in the background. 
After all, it is Music For Listening .

HNNY's Honey pot


Much like a color-it-yourself Winnie the Pooh book, each recording draws an outline of a story with the use samples, then the story is colored in with various tracks.

Each mix is about an hour long and follows a similair but broad genre range: Jazz, downtempo and Portugese Bossa Nova is organized by mood: flowing from one to another.

Please give these a listen below, with the proper amount of time. Listening to just one or two parts does not do it justice.

I recommend especially volumes 5, 6, 3, 7 & 8 in that order. With 5, having the best music in my opinion, but 7 telling the best story.

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