Electrify feat. Jetta (Live at Miloco Studios 2012)

Electrify feat. Jetta (Live at Miloco Studios 2012)
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This is part of a series of features that go great with a nice cigar in your lounge.


Wow, what can I say about this song?

It Still amazes me how the original version of this is a dubstep track. (Proof that there is good dubstep)

It's just so great, a perfect tune. The melody carries over perfectly the percussion and the piano. And those vocals; perfectly soulful and lyrical.

This would have to be without a doubt one of my favorite songs, and I feel any words I could use would not be sufficient.

Please let your ears do the talking.


I could not recommend this more; Find a good moment, when you have ample time, make yourself a good cup of coffee, and light up a cigar.

Listen to this song. Bliss.