Falling Hard Feat. Britney Serano

Falling Hard Feat. Britney Serano
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Here we are with a summer track!

I've been following Chris Reece, a guy who makes songs for many different artists (such as EDX and Nadia Ali), for a while. He really does a good job producing songs in almost every genre, but I think this really chill track flows very well.

You can truly enjoy the vocals and sax combo, something that gives it that summer time flavor! There is even a point where a familiar piano melody comes in (reminds me of "Pick Up Sticks" if I'm not mistaken). To top it off, the chorus really shines when you hear the slight glimpse of a trumpet orchestra (Alex loves that stuff).

As always, great stuff.

If you lounge out, you can almost hear "I want you BALLIN' hard for me...."

That’s how we roll! So grab a Corona or a Piña colada, sit back and listen up!