Make You Feel

Make You Feel
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Hey everyone! I hope you have been enjoying the content we have been posting.

Today I thought I might throw you guys a sort of curveball. Although not typically in the soundline we have been pushing here at Stereostance, I think it is important to keep a rounded taste in music and so this one might please or not.

We have here a track entitled "Make You Feel". It is a bit of a mystery in my mind at the moment what genre it drops into exactly, but you know, music has never been about labeling, and more about listening. The song begins with a pretty beautiful vocal assortment courtesy of Alina Baraz, while production comes from Galimatias. It keeps the pace slow and relaxed. Sprinkled sparingly with guitars and a deep rich piano. Hopefully it will make you feel alright!

Please let me know your thoughts, you guys like it? 
Heads up btw it is free download on Soundcloud. Feel free to check out the other songs by these artists there as well.