Pasilda - Afro Medusa.jpg

So, ever since my childhood, listening to the annual Ministry of Sound series, I've had a soft spot for latin/beach house. Despite the demise of my original iTunes music library, this is one of the tracks that managed to stay around and keep me company all these years. It's a sun-filled track that always takes me to sunny days in Spain. In honor of the start of summer, I thought I would post this song as an homage. Let the rays hit you and your feet move you! 

Here is the music video, and the lyrics I could never quite pin down despite my spanish:




Será ya veras que el sol te calentara sera
ya vera
un amor
en el globo que nos ayudara a volar
ya vera
ya sera que con ella aprenderemos a correr
sobre el mar
ya vera como todo un dia de verde
brillara ya vera

pasilda pasilda pasilda ya sera
pasilda pasilda pasilda ya sera pa

ronda que va
y al dia se viste recuerda que tira
y no se cansa de tirar
un corazon que nunca esta triste
viento que hace a la alegria de tirar