Project Volga - Part 3

You probably thought our Volga project died because of the cops, a crash or just laziness?? Think again!!

After the minor interior changes and cutting the roof, this is what we are left with…and its dope!!

I think at this point, I’ll let you make out your own opinion!

Some small interior changes and the red velour gave us the utmost comfort for the daily drives.  With a little ingenuity we managed to hook up a modern stereo to the soviet construction, manually cutting and rearranging the wires. The engine only gave out a weakish ampage so the sound wasn’t very loud with the wind blowing by, but it was still a joy to cruise to some G-funk and all the songs we post here. And as an added bonus, we even fixed some non-performing rear lights by messing around with the cables!

We also kept the grumpy cat theme here and there with some subtle additions like the rearview mirror sticker and our little printed guard guard cat!


Next up was the paint, this would be the second biggest game changer after cutting the roof. We bought a bunch of spray-paint cans for the outside. After days of comparing paint choices and prototyping, we decided for a two tone red and white color scheme. First up was the white, which covered the top of the car. 

 Of course we took the car around half painted for fun as well. 


One thing we just could never imagine before we began this project was the response we would get driving around. On every drive, some that lasted just 20min, others that took the whole day, we would have at least 10-20 people either honk, take pictures, videos or give us numerous thumbs-up. Of course, we would always respond in kind! I was truly amazing the attention you get, and that really made every drive more and more pleasant. 

Some of the guys taking pictures of the car were also caught by one of us! ...very common

And on those warm sunny days, we could kick our feet up and relax! VIP baller pimp style!

 Reppin' Stereostance!!

A little later, the red came on, followed by a black pinstripe where the colors meet (visible in this picture). This also shows how we stored the car during the nights and from the rain: under a bridge and with a car cover. We even had the cover stolen by some hobos one day, and had to track them down. Thankfully we got it back.

There was always time for fun! Good old scary fun!

And to celebrate, some bottle poppin'! This little bottle was too eager to celebrate and really managed to scare us!

But we learned that fizzy drinks in moving cars still taste real good!!

For the passengers at least!

At the end of it all, we managed to go on a little photo-shoot. That’s me, Daniel (a good friend and shareholder) and Alex (the guy writing most of the music posts).

Hope you enjoyed looking at the progress of the car. It was one of the most interesting experiences I have been able to do and we all agree that this project was worth all the trouble and the (very small) amounts of money put in. Overall, a great return.

If we continue, the next thing we will do is to lower the car (a task we couldn’t complete because of the complexity, and rust, of the rear leaf springs).