NIGHTRUN - Box One Collective

It's back to the 80s' with this video! Here is the latest addition to our #Nightdrive collection. This time, we experience the thrills of going on a night run to the gas station...just for kicks!

A Box One production, this video centers on a Rocket Bunny kitted Toyota 86 which makes its way downtown for a couple drinks of fuel. As a /music site, we loved the 80s synth music, something we have featured before. The choreography takes this theme one step further since it throws in a few iconic filming styles and a great ending (complete with 80s font and colors, of course)!

Overall, the video gives off a great vibe, we hope you will like it too!

From Box One 



Nice! I like the filming style at the start. Very much like the movie 'Drive'. Nice car too, though I wouldn't have opted for the white.