Razor Sharp Lexus IS F Sport

Someone recently hired a ninja at Lexus! One of their latest production designs looks like it got chopped up and bruised by a katana! The SEMA show had a slew of great cars, but this is one that took most of the audience by surprise. Lexus unveiled the US versions of their latest creation, the IS F Sport (not to be confused with its bigger brother, the ISF... yes, the space makes all the difference!). Check out how crazy the looks get:

To begin with, the IS F Sport looks great, at least from the back. Lexus took the plunge and went straight for the extreme styling. While I think it's great, the sharp edges are not for everyone. This car looks phenomenal stock:

Here are some details:


They did a good job at keeping the little details. There are some great shapes near the rear door glass




The side skirts look great without any aftermarket modifications and blend perfectly with the rear lights.



Even the small reflectors in the rear were given a twist!



Although I love the back, the headlights seem a little too small (a trend I have noticed with the new Maserati Quattroporte), it just doesn't add up to the rest of the body. And the grill is... well, too big!

Of course, SEMA brought some aftermarket goodies to this car, I'm sure I will be seeing some great kits for this one in the next years. It has always been a great platform!

Here you can see two leading body kit manufacturers already got their hands dirty! Tommy Kaira, whose designs don't always please me seem to have done a decent job. I much prefer the Seibon kit, the shapes match the overall theme a little better.

And, as always, they are in Carbon Fiber....mmmm...

Its the rear I don't like from Tommy Kaira, some things just don't flow, such as the small louvers behind the wheels.

But its this custom that really stole the show!!!

Designed by a contestant in a Deviant Art competition sponsored by Lexus, Rob Evans came up with the design below to create this great widebody!

In reality it looks stunning. The wheel arches don't get any more aggressive than that!

The wheels are really great: they are made custom by Nutek and are 3-piece forged 20 inch bombs! Tires are Nitto Invo tires and measure a full 20×13 width in the rear!! 

Color is also custom mixed, and comes between a white matte and gloss.

One of the most special pieces of this car is the small diffusers behind the wheels. It seems futuristic, but looks great. I wonder if they have any downforce improvements, I would love to integrate those on some time attack cars!

All in all, this seems to be one of the best from SEMA 2013. Like the FRS/BRZ Toyota/Subaru that came out a few years ago, this one will surely have lots of options available, as its a great platform for aftermarket companies. Can't wait to see what will happen!!