A Super Supra

One of the most iconic Japanese 90s sportscars is the Mark 4 Toyota Supra, its known for its stellar engine giving ample tuning possibilities, reliable platform and sexy curves. But why are we going to examine it today?  

I've recently bought a Mazda Rx8, which is a great car in itself but lacks one thing: power. I'll be featuring it soon enough, its got a great engine sound, and for its weight the 230hp is quite sufficient, but its not that monster power other cars can achieve and its difficult to tune the engine. 

So thats why I've been looking at monster builds for a few weeks (an even convinced our family to buy an Audi S6 which hopefully will be flashed to 560hp soon). There are a few of these beasts: the R34 and R35 GTR, Silvia and maybe even single turbo rx7s, but the Supra stands out. So i decided to do a feature on an old (but still sexy) Toyota supra. 
The base MK4 supra had two engines, one turbo designated the 2JZ-GTE and the other turboless without the "T" (for obvious reasons)... The export turboed version had 320hp in stock configuration, but I dont think there are any Supra owners in stock configuration. Some simple modifications brought 500 horses to the car and the engine block being indestructible saw most owners reaching the 1000hp mark with upgraded turbos, inter-cooling and internals. In other words: it was a beast. 
And becasue this car was rear wheel drive, build on a Z30 Soarer frame, it meant going through lots of rubber and not giving it too much gas at a green light. They were uncontrollable at 1000hp. But that didn't stop people from having fun, as you can see from this 500hp Supra:
The car also featured one of the best brake systems. With a tuned ABS that monitors the braking of each caliper it could stop from 70mph in 45m (in 1997) which was only beat in 2004 by another beast, the Porsche Carrera GT which managed 44m (a car that costed 10 times more). To me thats increadibly impressive and was really required if you hit 200mph with your 1000+hp.  
Now just imagine it had double the power? Ya thats why this was a monster. But enough about the engine. Lets talk body.
This particular car I decided to feature is sporting the Ridox widebody kit. And it looks sexy. probably the sexiest kit for Supras i've seen. 
The widebody is bolted onto the original Supra but is still quite subtle, it flows with the original lines but allows to pack some wider rubber in the back.
One thing that struck me was the incorporation of 3 different spoilers. There is one big GT wing and two smaller carbon peices, one on the roof to create a vortex and the other a lip spoiler on the trunk. I'm not sure they are all functional but they do look cool!
More carbon gets laid on the side canards and the vents just behind the wheels. Here I'm certain there is good functionality.
Admire the shapes and curves of this beast...
Up front there are more vents for the upgraded engine compartment, you can see the intercooler within the large central gap. The vented hood ensures that the cold air gets sucked right out to keep the 500hp heart running colder.
Its just a straight up cool car, its no wonder lots of big name drift guys have owned these supras! You can check out the video intro for this Ridox supra below: