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A Super Supra

One of the most iconic Japanese 90s sportscars is the Mark 4 Toyota Supra, its known for its stellar engine giving ample tuning possibilities, reliable platform and sexy curves. But why are we going to examine it today?  
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It's back to the 80s' with this video! Here is the latest addition to our #Nightdrive collection. This time, we experience the thrills of going on a night run to the gas station...just for kicks!

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Toyota FT-1

Today we introduce you to a very hotly anticipated concept (and hopefully a future production car), the Toyota FT-1. This is not the first time Toyota has wowed us with a fresh and cool concept car, the FT-86 concept a few years back had a similarly divine effect. I think Toyota may have gotten their mojo back!!

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Toyota 86 Battle Royale

Today we are taking a look at one of the most game-changing cars to have emerged in the past decade: the Toyota/Scion/Subaru FT86/FR-S/BRZ (it’s not my fault there are so many variations). In particular, we are taking a look at 4­ tuned examples of the sporty 2-door car; each of them with different styles, yet all with one common goal: looking cool and going fast.

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