Dopamine (feat. Samanta Liza)

Dopamine (feat. Samanta Liza)
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What's a music community without the support of some friends? 

Today I want to bring to you all a song recently produced by a friend of mine FrancLee. I had the pleasure of spending a few days with him about a year ago in Shanghai, and from what I can say his production skills have really come into their own as he refines his musical talents.

 Here's what he has to say about his background and the song: 

"I (FrancLee) started violin when I was 4, and I'm now a 19 year-old classically trained composer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles. My NYU-Shanghai classmate Samanta Liza and I live in Shanghai during the school year. Samanta Liza wrote the lyrics, and sings on "Dopamine," while I handled production, mixing, and mastering.

I'm recording around Asia, but she's in Qatar, so we had to do this song over email and Skype. Samanta and I are collaborating on a lot more songs right now, but "Dopamine" is the first song we've finished and released together."

I hope more is to come, because it's definitely a strong tracks that stands on it's own. The well delivered vocals run on top of some pulsing, side-chained synths; giving the overall tune a pretty good head-spinning feel, deserving of the title.

If you like the sound, be sure to follow FrancLee, on his site, Soundcloud and Facebook, as well as Samanta Liza!