Girl's In Love With Me

Girl's In Love With Me
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Don't mind the spelling mistake in the title, who knew the Japanese Jazz scene could Groove like this!
Today I bring to you a gem of a track I had to find once I heard it sampled in Jean tonique's "Girls love me". I was surprised to find I love the orginal even more then the pitch-shifted remake. The song comes off of Fujimaru Yoshino's Album - Yoshino Fujimal. A great album all around that I had to get in flac, and have listened many times to over. Soon i'll have to go out of my way and actually pick up the vinyl!

A starting sax track guides the melody of the entire piece, among the stars of cymbals. A great, slow and simple drum beat is accompanied with guitar riffs and a downright grooving bass line, but really all this is just to go with a smooth, deep and lyrical performance by Fujimaru Yoshino himself on the vocals.
I hope you guys enjoy this piece of 80s Japanese Jazz Funk. I know I surely do.