Heartbreak Reputation (LNTG Found A Groove Mix)

Heartbreak Reputation (LNTG Found A Groove Mix)
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And onwards with the Disco influence! Don't get too worried if it's not your bag, as summer picks up there will be a ton of other fresh stuff to pick up on!

Now as for this song, I heard this Remix first on one of my favorite music sites, ZautraParty. And after tracking down the original, I was pretty split, utimately I went with this one because, well it was what first got me hooked. Something about the vocal chorus, really get's me (not through the sense).

One piece of the song that really stickes out for me is also the cow-bell, and well the trumpets. If you haven't noticed, I really love trumpets, and saxaphones for some reason. Generally, I do feel the song takes a bit long to get into it, and doesn't evolve much, but as the song title suggests it does a great job of getting in a groove.

Let me know if you want the funk/Disco influence up, or if you would preffer some more range, or something else.