Hold back love (Lovebirds remix)

Hold back love (Lovebirds remix)
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Today we give you one of my all-time favorite tracks. This deep house song comes courtesy of Kraak and Smaak but the version I can't stop listening to is the Lovebirds remix. I've liked pretty much all the tunes that Lovebirds touch. This soulful track is a great example of the quality sounds they produce.

This particular song takes a while to build up, first some introductory beats, then Lex Empress's vocals kick in. The piano chords later add the final touch to the whole ensemble. The whole track flows really well and makes great use of all the different instruments.

Towards the end, the song breaks down and focuses on the beats. Even though the song has pretty much the same tune throughout, there is great variety created by the inclusion and omission certain sounds, it creates a track that never gets boring. 

So sit back and have a listen, it’s a great ride!