Tom's Diner feat. Anna Lunoe (The Coconut Wireless Remix)

Tom's Diner feat. Anna Lunoe (The Coconut Wireless Remix)
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Ready to have a song stuck in your head all day?
Here we have the Coconut Wireless Remix of Tom's Diner, a song already redone by Worldlife and Anna Lunoe.
(I heard rumors  that the original version by Suzanne Vega was actually one of the first mp3s ever made, as it was used as a benchmark when developing the mp3 file!)

Anyway let's not get this complicated history of this song cloud our judgment. The track follows a fairly simple beat and backing, and yet features a nice tropical feel, and some groovy disco-fueled guitars and even a french horn, so you know it has to have a french touch. However I don't think it is possible to discuss the music at hand without talking about those vocals. Beautifully and entrancingly delivered by Anna Lunoe, she follows a small everyday story without any particular direction; something I particularly enjoy, and very reminiscent of another song we have featured before: This Beat - Jazzual Suspects. (which you should make sure to check out).

Anyway I will let the music do the talking, I bet you - you can't only play this just once!
Have a nice day!