Hot Hands

Hot Hands
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Hey everyone, I hope you are having a good friday! I have a treat for you all today. 
Directly from Daruis' new swinging EP, "Hot Hands" is a hot track.  For this one I had quite a hard time deciding exactly which one I would feature, but eventually I settled on this one because of the vocals making it more approachable. Either way I am very happy with the new EP and had been waiting for it for some time. I even put several Gb of bounty on it at my favorite private tracker ;) .

Compared to some of the other tracks off the EP "Hot Hands" has a softer less processed sound. I'm particularily fond of the how well the synth chords match up with that xylophone. Maybe I would have wished for a more distinctive and groovy beat, but hey we can't have it all. Thank you Darius!

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