Love Never Felt So Good

Love Never Felt So Good
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As you probably know, here at Stereostance we are big fans of Micheal Jackson.

So after finally giving the post-humous Michael Jackson album - "Xscape" I have settled on which song to feature. It's rare that the singles chosen are the best track from an album in my opinion, but in this case I feel the lead song was chosen correctly. Of course I am referring to "Love Never Felt So Good" (though def check out the rest of the album)!
As a piece I do feel it does MJ justice. It's well mixed, the ensemble is powerful, and overall goes well with his instantly identifiable voice. I had a hard time picking between the "Original Version", or the more modern take, mostly because on my own I would likely listen to the "Original Version", yet I think this newer updated sound is more at place for the site and our listeners. 

The opening is a soft string ensemble, that sounds oddly nostalgic. Soon a soft and pleasant piano makes its way in together with some finger snaps. Mj's singing is impeccable as always, drawing out the right sounds and yet remaining unique, memorable, and enchanting. Occasionally we have the king of pop singing his own backing track, filled with plenty of "heees" "haaas" and sharp inhales.

At the end we are left with a danceable, moving and upbeat song befitting of the life that MJ once lived.

RIP MJ. You will never stop amazing us :)