Porco Viola [Synthwave Tape]

Porco Viola [Synthwave Tape]
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The tenth mixtape by @alexfoley (Porco Rosso) in a set inspired by the storytelling of @HNNY's "Music For Listening" series. This tape focuses around the Synthwave genre, touching on Retrowave, SynthPop and Outrun sub-genres. Heavily stylized around the 80s at-times-cheezy synth-driven aesthetic, this tape features genre virtuosos @sellorekt /LA Dreams and @morgan-willis-1982 . A perfect tape for listening to while driving your Ferrari Testarossa on a late summer night.

Endless Summer (instrumental) - The Midnight
Hideaway (Mitch Murder Remix) - Kiesza
The Touch (LIFELIKE Remix) - Mitch Murder
Sweet Nothings - Robert Parker
Master control - RTRY
Children Of The 80s - Le Rubrique
Accelerated - Miami Nights 1984
Remnants - Sellorekt/LA Dreams
'84 Crush - Sellorekt/LA Dreams
C'est La Vie (Le Matin Mix) - Lili Caseley
Tonight's the Night - Sellorekt/LA Dreams
Ally's Fire - Sellorekt/LA Dreams
Midnight Radio - Morgan Willis
Jamie's Coming Over - Sellorekt/LA Dreams
Heartbreaker - Sellorekt/LA Dreams
LoveQuake - Sellorekt/LA Dreams
Club Adriatico - Les Chic Voltage
Perfume - Touch Sensitive
Será - Kattch
Arrival 到着 - Robert Parker
Nightcall - Kavinsky
We're Finally Landing - HOME
Never feel the same - Morgan Willis
Victory - Morgan Willis