Shift feat. Lil Cat

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Shift feat. Lil Cat
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So sorry for once again not posting at regular intervals. My life had gotten quite busy these days.

Anyway, I was recently delighted to find this album "Illusion" by Discoholic. It is exactly in the same veign as Breakbot's "By Your Side", something that I absolutely loved and still play on my turntable late into a party, when things are just winding down. The album itself has a great variety between catchy tunes, melodies and slower more reflective songs. I had a hard time picking one to highlight as the whole album is so great. At the end I settled for this one that reminds me heavily of Breakbot's PNAU remix, (curiously which I first head in Grand Turismo 5, and what lead me to Breakbot).

Either way, make sure to check out the rest of the Illusion album here:  

Unfortunately, no promises on the next post, sorry!