Trust Fall (Jensen Sportag Remix)

Trust Fall (Jensen Sportag Remix)
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For Christmas Eve, I bring to you a song that has nothing to do with chistmas or the holiday spirit! Maybe I will put something Christmas-y up tomorrow, but for today I am showcasing Jensen Sportag's Remix of Trust Fall. If you like this song, I would recommend checking out some of Jensen Sportag's other songs, as they are an interesting band to be on the lookout for nowadays.

The song for me hits a very subtle 80's notes. Maybe it's the way the guitars are warped or the fat synth that sits at the back, but overall I think the vocals do a good job of balancing the piece out. The only thing I would wish is if Jensen Sportag would avoid their overused samples, though I guess this can be forgiven in the quest of building a distinctive "sound"

Anyway, I regret profusely for only presenting this song in 192 kbps but i could absolutely not find a 320, so therefore I will make it easier for you to find. Just click this link : Download

Merry Christmas!

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