Anatomy of a VIP

There are times when you want to accelerate to the rev limit and sit real snug when cruising up a mountain road. Then there are times when you want to roll up to the poshest hotel looking like a G. Well you don't have to own a Rolls-Royce or a Bentley do reach that goal, you need a VIP.

Today we’ll look at what makes a true VIP.

There are some key elements that all VIPs must have, starting with the overall look. Most VIPs tend to go with a shiny chrome look, but more recently there have been some good exemptions. The shine makes everything just a little more special, like a big old diamond.

The second requirement is one that truly makes these cars stand out: the stance. It’s low, imposing and robust. And it’s not just the ground scraping height, there is also a great amount of camber (“onikyan”) on all four wheels. And remember, a lot of these cars are on real suspension, not on air suspension.


Sometimes a little too much, but hey, there are purists and then there are guys trying to have fun.

You have to appreciate the effort people put into these. To really see insane, we have a fun video at the end!

Another shiny part that all VIPs need is some pretty wheels

These really make a difference on the whole appearance. They are usually big, chrome and have a very deep dish.

Just like the real deal, the more intense VIPs do the whole exterior and the whole interior. Again, the luxuries here are leather (with some health stitching), veneer wood and some curious additions. 

The sake here really tops it off!!

Some do seem to have air suspension...

What if you already have it all? Well then the only thing left is to go where no one has been. Custom body kits and even lights: this one looks like a spider.

Perfect indeed...

It’s not all modern cars either, there are some serious classics here. While not all of them are true VIPs, they would still look right at home at the nicest hotels in Monaco.

This one is for the VIP diplomat!

Hopefully you have an idea of a true VIP now, maybe you would even want to give it a go yourself!



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