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Night meet

We haven’t had any features on the small nimble cars that Honda has produced over the years. So tonight we decided it would be a good idea to have a peek at the lifestyle that comes with these cars. 

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Mountain Drifting | 1JZ 240SX

An S13 Nissan 240SX fitted with a 1JZ drifting in the mountains to Le Nonsense's - Tempus Fugit.

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The Japanese fighter

Since a lot of people liked our post on the vintage Datsun 1200, we thought it would be a good idea to show another Japanese classic. This time its the Datsun 240 (also in this video), one of the coolest sportscars of the 1970s. So just sit down and have a quick look at this beauty!

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Anatomy of a VIP

There are times when you want to accelerate to the rev limit and sit real snug when cruising up a mountain road. Then there are times when you want to roll up to the poshest hotel looking like a G. Well you don't have to own a Rolls-Royce or a Bentley do reach that goal, you need a VIP.

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All-Around Classic

We present to you a music and car combo! Coming to you from a slightly different theme, a classic Japanese ride, this great video features a near perfect Datsun 1200 gently cruising in its natural environment. The overarching tune of "Feeling good" is a good match to the age of the car and is both relaxing and uplifting. Check out the video now!

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Toyota 86 Battle Royale

Today we are taking a look at one of the most game-changing cars to have emerged in the past decade: the Toyota/Scion/Subaru FT86/FR-S/BRZ (it’s not my fault there are so many variations). In particular, we are taking a look at 4­ tuned examples of the sporty 2-door car; each of them with different styles, yet all with one common goal: looking cool and going fast.

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Guest Star - 'Kaput'

What in the world is this cute little beauty? Why can I not stop smiling? Can you actually drive that metal teddy bear?

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Night Drifting - Street Style

For the second installment of #Nightdrive we have another video to check out! Although the last video didn't have too many action shots, this one is quite the opposite. The video centers on some night time drifting by a group of friends who let themselves loose.

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Garage Mak S15

A few days ago I was cruising around the web and I spotted something that I remembered from a while ago. And because this second time around I got hooked as easily as the first time I thought there must be something special! And indeed, "special" is putting it lightly when it comes to this Nissan S15 Silvia. This car has seen a broad range of modifications that have elevated its performance and baller status to the top! There really isn't anything Garage Mak has not done to improve the Silvia. Let's see what its made of.

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Trendin' - Tire Stencils

Tire stencils have been around for a while, starting out originally to advertise on racing cars, the trend has been recently picking back up. Some cars just can't seem to do without them, for example: the Shelby Cobra and now RWB Porsches. These serve absolutely no purpose other than promoting the tire brand, nevertheless, they give a very particular style to most cars. 

The most common places to find these stenciled tires is on racecars. It's a "cheap" way to advertise and because the tires spin, it catches people's attention. On some cars it looks really nice, like this GT-R:

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