Cameo Lover (Shook Remix)

Cameo Lover (Shook Remix)
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Hey guys, I hope you have all been having a nice winter season.Today I want to put a spotlight on one of my favorite artists: ShookIt was really hard to pick a song of his to post, especially on the wake of his newest album: "Spectrum".One of the reasons I really enjoy Shook, is because of his way to combine a really soulfull, deep and melanchilic feel to his tracks despite keeping them largely electronic and upbeat. I see a lot in common between his work and that of the ever-famous Daft Punk.
A good example of his more slow and heartfelt melodies is "Picture moment" - something I believe will live on as a classic. 

Anyway, the reason I settled on this remix of his, is because I actually missed it when it orignally came out, and I find it unbeleivably catchy. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have been recently.Hopefully I will find some more time in the near future to do a more comprehensive write-up about Shook. Until then I'm open to comments, suggestions etc...cheers!