Fiona Coyne

So I said in the last post that more would be coming.

First of all this song, and the EP it's from is a bit of a black sheep when it comes to Saint Pepsi. It's a very mainstream, easily accessible song, from an artist that typically produces an obscure genre called "Vaporware". The genre is normally very sample heavy, synth laden, and is driven by an 8-bit/80s anime theme to it.


However here we get almost the opposite: vocals like you would expect from Phoenix, a catchy guitar driven melody reminiscent of Vanderway.


Regardless I love the track, and have been racking up the itunes play count in the last two days. 


In particular I am a big fan of the way the song progresses. Although it comes out jamming from the start, Saint Pepsi has still found a way to create tension and development as the new sections come in. In particular the refrain is catchy as hell. The song features a lot of my favorite instruments and production methods, and perhaps thats why i've come to like it so much overall.

I'm still wondering how it is so much of the junk pushed by the major labels make it so big, and yet gems like this still stay so unknown, especially when they appeal so much to the general public's taste in music. Oh well, maybe it's best if we keep things from getting too big and too overplayed? What's your opinion?

I recommend you all check out his EP as well as his previous work on his soundcloud