Can't You See

Can't You See
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Hello everyone! 
Sorry to have possibly given you all a scare. I'm finally back, and have built up quite a collection of great songs to share with you all. The new site has finally been rebuilt and we are even on a new host! 

So after the long wait and anticipation, the new album "Prom King" by Skylar Spence (Saint Pepsi) is finally here. It delivers 100% on the promise of  new age pop hits. I had a hard time picking which track in particular I wanted to feature, but finally after having already posted some of the others have settled on "Can't you See".

The track features a catchy guitar riff, bouncing beat and even Ryan DeRobertis on the vocals himself. It is an impressivley catchy tune considering all the components are originals recorded directly for the track. It took a few listens for the song to get glued to my ears but I can tell you it is safely lodged in there now. 
Hope you find it as funky fresh as I do! Can't wait to get the vinyl in the post!