Groove on (Dj Vas & Soulist Re-Edit)

Groove on (Dj Vas & Soulist Re-Edit)
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So a few days I went on a binge, one of those music downloading binges.

So much great stuff out there, just in time for the spring time weather. Although I had a hard time as usual just picking a song, I finally settled on this one, simply because it has so much groove. Really makes you nod your head and get rocking.

This rework by DJ Vas starts off with a pretty standard disco house beat, something you would hear from zimmer's horizontal disco. Then the guitar licks and basic melody kick in and take it to another level, the vocals meanwhile strike the right balance between memorable and repetitive, but unique and not boring. I hope you guys are enjoying the renaissance of disco and funk that is clouding the inter-tubes. 
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