Cornbread Fish & Collard Green

Cornbread Fish & Collard Green
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So today, I have a little discovery for you all.

I often get curious about songs, and where the samples they use come from. In this case, I was browsing the interwebs, listening to music as usual, when I heard Plage 84's Remix of  "Cornbread, Fish & Collard Greens". I knew I had heard it before, somewhere...
It only took but one moment for me to figure it out! Of course! it could only have been Ben Pearce's deep house hit - "What I Might Do"!
So following this I went of course tried to find the original, I mean at this point it was practically my duty no?  I was surprised to find the original had quite the funk to it. It's not wonder it made such a good sample, even if it was pitch shifted ever so-slightly for the remakes.

So here it is: one vocal sample over three genres (Funk, Nu Disco and Deep House).

Props to Anthony Hamilton for delivering such a badass and grooving hook. 

PS: I've been wanting to develop a dual song music post, so I can make these kind of showcases in the future. There's a lot of discoveries like this I would love to share. What do you all think? Is it worth the effort? Are you all interested in such things?
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