A Horse Song

So recently, I had some good friends visit. I was pleasently surprised with what they came with; some more good music. It seems that Vilnus has some good tastes in music (see Zautra Party

Anyway the song is by a not very well known german artist; Rich Vom Dorf. It features a reasonably slow pace, and isn't exactly a dancable track, yet features a lot of groove. Just the perfect tune to be chilling on a rooftop with some friends and a beer.

Like much of today's music up on soundcloud it features pitch-shifted vocals, but in this case its done in a more unique manner. The original vocals are played in a duet with the pitch shifted version. This gives the song an interesting feel, and to be honest drives most of the song. Nevertheless it's a tack that I've been overplaying, and have had stuck in my head for the last week or two. 

Thanks Mantas!