Just Friends

Just Friends
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Hey everyone, I'm glad to be back! These last few months have been extremely busy for myself, and so I have not been able to post as often as I would like. 
Now that I am going to be more in a routine, I should fin more time to post and keep the site up to date.

The first thing I would like to highlight is this great track made by the up-and-coming dutch artist Wantigga. In fact he follows in the steps of a lot of great future R&B artists hailing from europe, or places other then the US. There is a lot of great tunes coming out now from the likes of Stwo, Sango, Snakehips etc..
Woah, just realized those all start with an S, what a weird coincidence.

Anyway as for the track itself, it's an interesting mix. The driving melody actually comes from a beatbox routine, something I'm not traditionally a fan of, but I think in this track works out great because of the top level mastering. The focus appears not to be in the vocal talents, but just the groove of the track. A great trend I'm really digging from Wantigga and others lately.  

Overall I'm very happy to see where this genre of music is heading lately: great use of samples, lots of groove and easily accessible to most of the radio-listening audience.

If you like this and would like to see more, drop me a comment below, and I'll try to stick to the genre for a little while at least.