Paradise Awaits (FKJ Remix)

Paradise Awaits (FKJ Remix)
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So as always the dependable, talented and overall amazing FKJ (French Kiwi Juice) releases another mind blowing track. 
Here we get a funky remix of "Paradise Awaits" by ZHU.

The track begins with some simple synths, and some wobbling sounds. Then we get the typically sliced-and-diced warped vocals we would expect from FKJ, along with those signature piano/funk guitar/reverb sound. 
You know, I hate to say it but I would love for FKJ to go a little out of his comfort zone for some releases. It seems he has been using the same sounds (although organized differently) for quite some time. Hopefully he still keeps making these jams along the way though ;)

Ok that's it! comments below as usual!