Rebirth Of Cool

Rebirth Of Cool
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So you thought this was over? Nope: this is part of a series of features that go great with a nice cigar in your lounge.

 So here I was just browsing the internet, hunting for more fresh tunes when BAM. On both Soundcloud and Youtube I find this gem, In fact the entire album is straight dope. I highly recommend checking it out on Bandcamp.

A Hip-Hop-Jazz fusion of some great classics, this album is so chill and mature I can't even begin to describe; especially the tracks - "Rebirth of Cool" and "St. Germain". Can't wait to listen the whole album through, while it rains outside with a cigar, or on a hungover sunday afternoon. Wish I could get my hands on a Vinyl of this, but alas I can't so I will have to settle for the FLAC or 320 slices.

I'm happy/surprised to find that no shitty rappers have already taken the song hostage, I mean it's just begging for some flowing lines to go with that Jazzy beat. Too bad, only a handful of rappers, such as Common, could do it justice. Maybe something nice will come of this though from the depths of the scene.
If you see such a cover, send me a message I would greatly appreciate it! ... Maybe I can make a mix myself... ;)

Anyway press restart, lean back, all the way back, breath out. Listen.