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The White Knight

Its not too often when we share a peice that combines both great cars and matching music, but this one does exactly that. This Video made by The Lowdown showcases a sleek Nissan GTR and does a great job at combining the auditory and visuals. Just see for yourself the quality of timing of the music, engine sounds and filming.

Be sure to check out some of the other videos from them if you liked this one, they are all very interesting!

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The Japanese fighter

Since a lot of people liked our post on the vintage Datsun 1200, we thought it would be a good idea to show another Japanese classic. This time its the Datsun 240 (also in this video), one of the coolest sportscars of the 1970s. So just sit down and have a quick look at this beauty!

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All-Around Classic

We present to you a music and car combo! Coming to you from a slightly different theme, a classic Japanese ride, this great video features a near perfect Datsun 1200 gently cruising in its natural environment. The overarching tune of "Feeling good" is a good match to the age of the car and is both relaxing and uplifting. Check out the video now!

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Night Drifting - Street Style

For the second installment of #Nightdrive we have another video to check out! Although the last video didn't have too many action shots, this one is quite the opposite. The video centers on some night time drifting by a group of friends who let themselves loose.

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Night Drifting in Tokyo Bay

Tonight we present to you the first post in our new series #Nightdrive. This Video made by SC Films Production takes us deep into the night in Tokyo Bay where a group of friends ride in and tear up the streets. There are some really stealthy low cars, most of them typical drift platforms, all of them built for one purpose: night drifting.

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The New BMW 3 series Gran Turismo

The 3 series has been around for a very long time, but this new version - the Gran Turismo - takes cues from its older sibling the 5 series Gran Turismo to offer customers a more spacious sedan.

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