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Night meet

We haven’t had any features on the small nimble cars that Honda has produced over the years. So tonight we decided it would be a good idea to have a peek at the lifestyle that comes with these cars. 

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It's back to the 80s' with this video! Here is the latest addition to our #Nightdrive collection. This time, we experience the thrills of going on a night run to the gas station...just for kicks!

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Midnight Dance

Back into the night with another #Nightdrive video! This time we take you to Europe, with a couple of BMWs tearing up the pavement. Not only do these cars have lots of power to dance all over the open streets, but the music is also very catchy. We hope you will enjoy this little taste of some night time adventure!

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Night Drifting - Street Style

For the second installment of #Nightdrive we have another video to check out! Although the last video didn't have too many action shots, this one is quite the opposite. The video centers on some night time drifting by a group of friends who let themselves loose.

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Night Drifting in Tokyo Bay

Tonight we present to you the first post in our new series #Nightdrive. This Video made by SC Films Production takes us deep into the night in Tokyo Bay where a group of friends ride in and tear up the streets. There are some really stealthy low cars, most of them typical drift platforms, all of them built for one purpose: night drifting.

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