Here is where  Stereo Stance  gets its "stance"

Stance is to a car just like swagger is to a pimp. It can be tire-rubbing wheel fitment, aggressive camber or ground-scraping ride height.
Here you will find only the best car posts individually crafted to make your browsing experience just like flipping through your favorite automotive magazine. 

You may not like every car featured here, you may even hate some of them, but we guarantee you will also find a few lucky jems that will give you that special tingly feeling of love (and jealousy).

Pagani Huayra

Today we take a step away from the usual selection of tuned cars to look at Pagani's newest low-riding $1.3 million supercar and the heritage of the its younger sibling, the Zonda.

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Team 5 Star S2000

This S2K has been around for a while, but today we take a look at both a video and a short review of Tom Syhachack's slammed Honda S2000. The video has some great shots and equally good music, plus a shoeless burnout. Dig in!

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The New BMW 3 series Gran Turismo

The 3 series has been around for a very long time, but this new version - the Gran Turismo - takes cues from its older sibling the 5 series Gran Turismo to offer customers a more spacious sedan.

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R Magic RX7

Ah yes, the elusive R Magic Rx7! 

This beast has been around for a long time, but I thought it would be worth doing one of the first in-depth posts on all the details behind this FD3S. Not only does this time attach monster look great, with its unmistakable two-tone color scheme and many carbon bits, but it also performs! She managed to lap Tsukuba in the 55-second range ­many years ago and all this on a mildly tuned engine. Let’s take a look at this beauty!

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