Here is where  Stereo Stance  gets its "stance"

Stance is to a car just like swagger is to a pimp. It can be tire-rubbing wheel fitment, aggressive camber or ground-scraping ride height.
Here you will find only the best car posts individually crafted to make your browsing experience just like flipping through your favorite automotive magazine. 

You may not like every car featured here, you may even hate some of them, but we guarantee you will also find a few lucky jems that will give you that special tingly feeling of love (and jealousy).

Night Drifting - Street Style

For the second installment of #Nightdrive we have another video to check out! Although the last video didn't have too many action shots, this one is quite the opposite. The video centers on some night time drifting by a group of friends who let themselves loose.

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Garage Mak S15

A few days ago I was cruising around the web and I spotted something that I remembered from a while ago. And because this second time around I got hooked as easily as the first time I thought there must be something special! And indeed, "special" is putting it lightly when it comes to this Nissan S15 Silvia. This car has seen a broad range of modifications that have elevated its performance and baller status to the top! There really isn't anything Garage Mak has not done to improve the Silvia. Let's see what its made of.

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Trendin' - Tire Stencils

Tire stencils have been around for a while, starting out originally to advertise on racing cars, the trend has been recently picking back up. Some cars just can't seem to do without them, for example: the Shelby Cobra and now RWB Porsches. These serve absolutely no purpose other than promoting the tire brand, nevertheless, they give a very particular style to most cars. 

The most common places to find these stenciled tires is on racecars. It's a "cheap" way to advertise and because the tires spin, it catches people's attention. On some cars it looks really nice, like this GT-R:

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Night Drifting in Tokyo Bay

Tonight we present to you the first post in our new series #Nightdrive. This Video made by SC Films Production takes us deep into the night in Tokyo Bay where a group of friends ride in and tear up the streets. There are some really stealthy low cars, most of them typical drift platforms, all of them built for one purpose: night drifting.

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Ben Sopra 380SX

The Nardo Special 380SX is one of the wildest yet simplest projects I have ever seen. Built to take on the Nardo high speed ring, this little guy has been almost completely remodeled, it’s a mystery why the 180SX was even chosen in the first place! To me, the car seems more like a fashion statement from Miura-san at TRA Kyoto than a speed trial car. Let’s see what makes this one so special!

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Supercar Surprises in Geneva

The 2013 Geneva Motor Show has a few great offerings from some of the best in the automotive industry. With the right size wallet, these are the newest street-legal supercars you can own! 

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