Here is where  Stereo Stance  gets its "stance"

Stance is to a car just like swagger is to a pimp. It can be tire-rubbing wheel fitment, aggressive camber or ground-scraping ride height.
Here you will find only the best car posts individually crafted to make your browsing experience just like flipping through your favorite automotive magazine. 

You may not like every car featured here, you may even hate some of them, but we guarantee you will also find a few lucky jems that will give you that special tingly feeling of love (and jealousy).

Anatomy of a VIP

There are times when you want to accelerate to the rev limit and sit real snug when cruising up a mountain road. Then there are times when you want to roll up to the poshest hotel looking like a G. Well you don't have to own a Rolls-Royce or a Bentley do reach that goal, you need a VIP.

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It's back to the 80s' with this video! Here is the latest addition to our #Nightdrive collection. This time, we experience the thrills of going on a night run to the gas station...just for kicks!

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Project Volga - Part 3

You probably thought our Volga project died because of the cops, a crash or just laziness?? Think again!!

After the minor interior changes and cutting the roof, this is what we are left with…and its dope!!

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Midnight Dance

Back into the night with another #Nightdrive video! This time we take you to Europe, with a couple of BMWs tearing up the pavement. Not only do these cars have lots of power to dance all over the open streets, but the music is also very catchy. We hope you will enjoy this little taste of some night time adventure!

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Toyota FT-1

Today we introduce you to a very hotly anticipated concept (and hopefully a future production car), the Toyota FT-1. This is not the first time Toyota has wowed us with a fresh and cool concept car, the FT-86 concept a few years back had a similarly divine effect. I think Toyota may have gotten their mojo back!!

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Lamborghini Huracan

To replace the aging Gallardo, Lamborghini has come up with this sublime sibling. It combines the brutality of the Aventador with a few sexy curves to accomplish a masterpiece. Behold the new Huracan!

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